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Colombia. 2019 (Part 1)

Quite unexpectedly and unintentionally, I have returned to this country. And again, I enjoy it sitting on the saddle of my bike. Beautiful is this edge of the world, amazing and open are people here, a good company happened to me – what more I could wish? But on top of it, this trip is kind of a life prize to me- I have to pay just for the beer I drink… 😉
Someone could ask – how can this be? You won’t believe, but the miracles happen in the world! About a month ago, I received an invitation from Colombian motto friends I had met on a South American trip somewhere in the deserts of Chile. The invitation was truly irresistible – next week in Colombia, a major tourism exhibition is underway and the government has decided that something more active is needed to stimulate the dissolution of myths about what this land is like today. Several travel companies, including the one of friend of mine, were offered the opportunity to set up one fully paid group of foreigners for a week. Each travel agency offers something of its own – hiking, horseback riding, mountain climbing, bird watching and so on. But these friends of mine, exactly in the last few years, have actively started to organize various moto trips. And with such six-day Enduro walk they have won this government competition. And apparently I must have remained in their memory with something good as I was among the chosen one who received this invitation. And here I am – my life Bingo has worked… ))
For Colombia itself, I won’t describe a lot, those interested will google themselves. I will add that this is my third time here, and compared to 2007, when we traveled through here within apPasaule trip, life here has benefited greatly in all areas. Especially in terms of security, since it is already quite clear that all guerrilla warfare and drug mafia activities in this country is a thing of the past. This is how we feel after three days of traveling, where we have roamed the most remote mountain and countryside paths, visited towns and cities, met a scads of people, and seen indescribably beautiful scenery. I like it here and I feel good and safe here. That is my feeling.
Colombians themselves say that Colombia is like a miniature South America – there is absolutely everything that nature can give us and that can be seen all over this continent. There are high mountains and steep valleys, small streams with waterfalls and large bubbling rivers. Here you can reach the most impassable jungle and enjoy absolute peace in the desert. When all is not enough, you can go to the ocean coast to sleep on the sand or climb the rocks whatever is closer to your heart. And the cities and towns seen on both this and the previous two occasions are well worth a dive into and feel the rhythm of this 40 million nation. Of course, in order to enjoy it all more thoroughly, it would be good to learn a little Spanish, because without it almost nowhere…
In our group we come from different parts of Europe – there are Spanish, Portuguese, Irish, some Mongolian guy from London and me, Latvian. Each of us is involved in some way with motto travel and organizing such events. Each of us has our own experience of what is good at such motorcycle tours and what should be how. But at the moment we all agree – those first days of traveling through Colombia with small 250ccm enduros have already given us indescribable impressions, both in terms of driving pleasure and the views and contact with people. Further I let the pictures talk about what I’ve seen and experienced here, and now when for you in Latvia there is the end of the working day, I’ll have to get out of bed, have breakfast and go further – there is a 9 hour gap between Latvia and Colombia.
Full stop right now. No time to write, must go to enjoy the beautiful Colombia!



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